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Linda Briggs - where to go for cosmetic surgery

Who is Linda Briggs?  What can she do for you?

Read about cosmetic surgery procedures and where to find them


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Established since 1999,  Linda Briggs has organised private cosmetic surgery abroad for thousands of patients.  Read the numerous testimonials and reviews on the web site and media stories from satisfied patients.

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AW, Age 55, North London, dental implants, July 2010

Linda Briggs - As a discerning woman over 50, I relied on and trusted Linda Briggs to give me good advice and recommendations – and I have not been disappointed in any way – and I would say to anyone thinking of any type of treatment only to go to Linda Briggs when needing anything  - she is a marvellous source of inspiration – and quite frankly I wouldn’t know where else to go for such good advice and information.  Linda has not failed me – through two breast augmentations, one uplift, two facelifts, one tummy tuck, lipo and botox!

What more can I say ...........

Linda Briggs
Based in the UK is a Premium provider of personal cosmetic and surgical advice and services.

"UK's leading independent cosmetic surgery adviser" Linda Briggs, not only arranges cosmetic surgery, but also dentistry, hair restoration, all medical checks, general surgery and hips and knee surgery.

Whilst we are happy to help with any arrangments you may need, please note, Linda Briggs Ltd is not an agent for any clinic, hospital or surgeon.

How can Linda Briggs help you
Linda Briggs looks at surgery from a non medical angle i.e. prices, risks, techniques, availability and other important issues that are usually overlooked by someone considering cosmetic or general surgery.

Linda Briggs can advise on what options are available to you, recovery and aftercare as well as the anticipated outcome.  All designed to arm you with the right questions to ask the surgeon, before going ahead with any surgery or dentistry.

The service is absolutely free and we can help guide you through a sometimes confusing amount of services and clinics that are suitable for your needs

This is not an advertising site for surgeons, but surgeons who do appear in it have been thoroughly researched by Linda Briggs.

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